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JIFF is a JavaScript library for building secure applications that rely on secure multi-party computation (MPC).

Technologies Used: JavaScript
Background: Software Engineer Internship @ Boston University Software & Application Innovation Lab (SAIL)

What is Secure Multi-party Computation?
Secure multi-party computation is a cryptographic technique which enables computation over private data inputs.

Use case: Suppose 3 people want to perform some computation on their inputs, but do not trust each other to reveal their individual inputs.
Let each colour represent a person's private input.

  • Each party computes "secret-shares" that represent, but do not reveal, their original input.
  • The secret-shares are distributed to each party so that every party receives a share of every original input/colour.
  • Each party performs the intended computation on the shares they hold.
  • At the end, parties reconstruct the computed-on shares to reveal the final output.

    Note: The threshold for the number of shares required to reconstruct the output is equal to the number of parties in the computation.
    This ensures that all parties' must be present to reconstruct the final output.

What I worked on: